Steve Evans may get Fired soon

Leeds United are set to manager Steve Evans over poor and inconsistent form throughout the 2015-16 season.

Owner Massimo Cellino did not openly admit that the change was going to happen, but he provided subtle hints that the club will be undergoing a managerial change once again in the summer. It was only recently that the club’s hopes of finishing in the play-off places was reinvigorated following a three match winning run. This came to an end after a 4-1 Huddersfield Town before the international break. The result left the club 13th in the table.

However, it will come as a surprise to know that the club are considering a managerial change in less than 12 months. Evans came to the club in October 2015. The Scotland boss claims that he does not feel that he has done a bad job at Elland Road. The club has suffered seven defeats in the league since October, which is a greater percentage than under previous management. Throughout the whole campaign, the club has lost 12 matches. The biggest problem for the club has been scoring goals, as they have managed exactly 1 goal per game.

Ever sinceCellino took over as the owner, the club has set a target of returning to the Premier League but have not come close to achieving this objective. “Since the day I walked win, we can say we have been frustrated with a lot of it, in terms of results and performances and the players have as well. But had the league table started the day we walked in, we would be tenth in the table, and within a few points of being in the top six. I have a record that says I deliver when I am supported and we can say that tenth in the table from the day we walked in, is delivering,” said Evans.