Luka Modric is a silent midfielder that makes a loud noise

When people talk about Real Madrid, the names that usually come along are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale or KarimBenzema.

Those are the players that always get the headlines and the center stage of the media as they are the ones that score most goals and are constantly sparking life with dribbling moves as well as flashy movements which are generally used to get past the opposing defenders.

In the world of football, the offensive players are the ones that receive more praise and recognition as they mark on the score-sheet on a more consistent basis than in comparison to any other performers in the rest of the squad.

Luka Modric is not a name that pops up as much as some of his teammates but nonetheless, the influence that the Croatian has in Real Madrid is huge as he is a player that is consistently providing passes to every single one of his partners located in the pitch.

If control is needed in the midfield, Modric is there to provide it. If speed is needed then the Croatian can do it as well, the former Tottenham Hotspur player is a complete midfielder who can inject anything that is needed for his team during a match.

Paul Clement is the assistant coach of Carlo Ancelotti, both of them are currently working for Bayern Munich but back in June of 2013, Clement was appointed as the assistant coach for Real Madrid and the English manager had nothing but praise when he talked about Luka Modric.

During the 2015-16 season of La Liga, Luka Modric made 32 appearances for Real Madrid as the Croatian midfielder helped out Real Madrid in lifting the Champions League of that year. He is expected to play a huge role in this new season for the Spanish club as Modric has turned into a fundamental figure for Real Madrid.